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When your garage door is broken, you can't afford to wait for service. With our help, you can get the assistance you deserve, from helping you with parts to making swift repairs. We offer 24-hour emergency garage door repair service throughout the Metro East area.

See what's in store

With a wide variety of options, you can have a new garage doors or opener installed quickly and easily.

Just because you can buy the parts doesn't mean you know how to install them. When you're unsure about your mechanical skills, let our team take care of the installation so that you can breathe a little easier!

Missing a part?

Why pay for an estimate when you don't have to? Our team has the answers you deserve.


When you want your garage doors repaired by the experts, you've found the right company!

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Take advantage of same-day service

From springs to smaller parts like screws, missing a critical garage door part could be a safety hazard. When you turn to our team, we'll always be able to find the parts you need - and install them quickly too!

Let us do the legwork!

  • Springs

  • Remotes and keypads

  • Gear and sprocket kits

  • Hardware

  • Openers

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